About Us

Cawthron is a leader in the application of eDNA technologies for enhancing, protecting and monitoring the environment.

Scientist talking to school kids


Much of Cawthron's research and development in the field of molecular tools and technologies has been carried out with the support of partners, funders and stakeholders from a range of sectors. We have worked with people from across Aotearoa New Zealand's research, science and innovation system as well as international experts via collaborative research projects like Safe Seafood, Aquatic Diseases, Lakes380 and the Marine Biosecurity Toolbox. We have also received funding support from central and local government organisations, NGOs and philanthropic sponsors. 

In particular, our relationship with Māori has been central to these research and development activities. By fostering close relationships with iwi, hapū and whānau groups, we have gained a better understanding of the differences and synergies between Māori world views and science, and this knowledge has enabled us to work constructively and positively with Māori and learn from their experiences, Mātauranga, and whakapapa. Going forward, we want to keep partnering with Māori in the development of molecular tools and technologies that support kaitiakitanga aspirations. We will listen to the objectives and considerations of whānau, hapū, and iwi, and work together to support the development of Mātauranga and science, conceptualise and trial solutions, and collectively put them in place.